Musollah for East Point

Nov 13, 2019 | Musollah Development

East Point Mall is located quite a distance from the nearest mosque (Masjid Darul Ghufran). Muslim visitors to the mall find it difficult to do their prayers as there is no official musollah for them. We seek your contribution to raise funds for the musollah development.

Update (06 Mar 2021)

We have deployed our praying kits at Level 5 staircase landing. There are 2 sets (muslimin and muslimah) of praying kit and yoga mat as sejadah. It is advisable to bring your own mini sejadah for hygiene purposes. You can take wuduk at the nearest toilet by the lift (same level as NTUC).

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Assalamualaikum WRWB, in light of COVID-19. We are putting our efforts on hold. Our commitment still remain, to bring you more musollah near you.

Update (28/04/20): We are ordering duffel bags with prayer items as an inclusive pack for Muslims to do their prayers in various places. Stay tuned for further updates.