Musollah for Vivo City

Nov 13, 2019 | Musollah Development

Although Masjid Temenggong is within reach, some visitors find it hard to walk over to the other side of the road for prayers. We aim to provide convenience for visitors to pray inside the mall. We seek your contribution to raise funds for the musollah development.

Update [08 March 2021]:

We have deployed our praying kit in the following location:

> Take the escalator to level 3 Vivocity Library
> Take a left to The Pet Safari and continue towards the toilets
> Keep walking towards the toilet and the space for prayers is through door “Stair 27”.

Alternative Route:
> Take the Lift at Lobby H to the 3rd floor.
> Make a right and walk to the stairwell 27


Update [18 March 2021]:

It’s been reported that our items are missing. We are working hard to find a solution and will update this space again.

Update [17 September 2022]:

Alhamdulilah the management allows a non-official space for solat. Sajadah provided, the rest do bring your own.

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Assalamualaikum WRWB, in light of COVID-19. We are putting our efforts on hold. Our commitment still remain, to bring you more musollah near you.

Update (28/04/20): We are ordering duffel bags with prayer items as an inclusive pack for Muslims to do their prayers in various places. Stay tuned for further updates.